Hybrid Infrastructure

You don't have to navigate a complicated, hybrid world on your own. Our experts can help guide you every step of the way


Let’s face it — Hybrid environments require hybrid cybersecurity. Yet, turning a big ship on a dime is not feasible. Many organizations have hybrid architectures or application components and enterprise services running in data centers or co-location sites for the foreseeable future. How’s that mainframe doing? How about data privacy standards that keep some data on premises for now? 

If there are limits to your company’s ability to implement hybrid cloud security, do not waste time sitting on the sidelines while your competitors move forward. Contact us to jumpstart your process. TUV Rheinland OpenSky can support the goals of your compliance, platform, and application teams to adopt new methods quickly and securely. We can also provide expert advice to implement turn-key projects. 

If you worry about having redundant, fast, reliable networks that connect your physical data center to your cloud data center, rely on us for support. Our experts will help you translate and optimize your compute environments from hardware in their datacenter to Instance types in the cloud.   

Yes, you can build a hybrid computing environment that is secure in the cloud. However, you don’t want to be locked into one cloud. The benefit of working with us is that we’re cloud agnostic. We’ve been technology partners with AWS and Microsoft Azure for several years. We’ll help you rationalize your workloads so the right data goes to the cloud — and the right data stays on prem. We’ve helped companies optimize their cloud spend for years — and avoid risk in the process. 

Do you need to master hybrid capacity planning to allow peaks to burst to the cloud?  Do you need to keep protected data on premises, but need to connect that data to agile cloud-based applications? Whatever the scenario for your hybrid workloads, you want to ask yourself if your IT can detect and respond to major threats.  

What are you doing to protect your data in public clouds? If you are concerned about functional security in a hybrid cloud, contact us.   

Hybrid Infrastructure Services


We’ve seen it all. From mythical cost savings promises to planning by roulette wheel. At TUV Rheinland OpenSky, we have developed a light and fast methodology and enterprise class planning tools.

We have also abandoned the old school caveat on transition of never re-architect and design during a major transition. With an average of three months extra time in planning, we have seen customers leave behind huge legacy issues. Those that take this time often get 2-3X the financial and technical benefit than those who transition technical debt.

Most likely your organization will need a custom solution in this arena paired with advice from knowledgeable experts. A standardized approach designed 1000 miles away by someone who has never met you and heard about your unique situation will not prove to be beneficial

Depend on our Planning services:

  1. Secure Cloud Strategy and Roadmapping
  2. Secure Cloud Cost Benefit Analysis and Business Performance Indicators
  3. Secure Cloud Maturity and Optimization Recommendations

Enterprise Cloud Adoption: Application Rationalization and Disposition for Hybrid

When brought in early for planning and strategy, TUV Rheinland OpenSky can help you accelerate cloud adoption and avoid limbo. Most of our acceleration techniques were learned while helping organizations out of limbo. 

Being in limbo is when the migration takes twice as long as planned. Companies learn that their assumptions regarding how much work it is to support the “from” and “to” platforms simultaneously were underestimated by a factor of three. Limbo is being stuck with not enough people to resolve the issues needed to go forward, and an insufficient plan for how to put the migration back the way it was. 

Roadblocks such as lack of internal expertise or ineffective surge capacity can both slow migrations. These typical slowdowns can increase the time in limbo. 

Our key offering in Enterprise Cloud Adoption is Application Rationalization and Disposition. TUV Rheinland OpenSky offers a full life cycle service from business and technical planning through sweep the floors, real or proverbial. 

Depend on our services in Enterprise Cloud Adoption: 

  1. Planning
  2. Secure Cloud Strategy and Roadmap Development
  3. Secure Cloud Cost Benefit Analysis and Business Performance Indicators
  4. Secure Cloud Maturity and Optimization Recommendations
  5. Architecture, Design, Deploy
  6. Application Platform Rationalization and Migrations (Pilot and Migration Factory)
  7. Cloud Disaster Recovery
  8. SDX (Software defined components such as SDWAN, SDDC, etc.)

Cloud Security Architecture and Design for Hybrid

Many people know about big reputational hits as companies deploy to the cloud “agile style” but forget simple, basic door locking. Pace of play is often a factor. Often problems are caused by business pressure to release new digital enterprise functionality on shiny new platforms. Part of the team may be on a steep learning curve — or there are not enough security-vetted reference architectures or design standards.  

If you are challenged with moving operations to the cloud, contact us for immediate expert support. Skilled cloud architects and designers are in high demand. Even rarer are secure cloud architects and designers that can bridge the discussion among stakeholders for traditional enterprise infrastructure, compliance, security, development and platform.   

Depend on our services in Cloud Security Architecture and Design for Hybrid: 

  1. Hybrid Cloud Security Architecture Strategy
  2. Secure Hybrid Cloud Planning, Architecture, and Design (AWS and Azure)
  3. Enterprise Class Secure Cloud: Extend On-Premise Security Policy, Standards, Guidelines, and Controls to New Hybrid and Cloud Environments (AWS and Azure)
  4. Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud – Cloud Security Assessment, Recommendations & Action Planning


Secure Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cyber threats keep executives up at night because cyber-criminals are well funded and highly motivated to acquire, or hold for ransom, valuable corporate data. Besides having to deal with these threats on a limited budget, IT is also expected to quickly recover from disasters, while applications and systems continue to grow. Often these challenges result in a stressful, no-win situation for the CISO. 

What is a Corporate Security Office to do? Firms can utilize cloud-based DR to improve recovery capabilities and take advantage of inherent security capabilities while cutting costs. For mid-sized firms who do not fully protect applications and services in multiple data centers – cloud DR opens new potential. 

Great cloud DR architects, designers, and application movers are in high demand and not always on hand when you need them.

TUV Rheinland OpenSky can be with you for part or all of your transition. 

Depend on our services for Secure Cloud Disaster Recovery: 

  1. Cloud DR Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  2. Architecture, Design, Planning, Deployment
  3. Application Cloud DR Onboarding
  4. DR Plan Development
  5. Testing and Transition

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