Enterprise Cloud Transformation

From planning to migration, things are a bit easier when you work with TUV Rheinland OpenSky


Running cloud, hybrid cloud or cloud-first models in your IT infrastructure? Business is moving to the cloud whether you like it or not. Cloud adoption and digital transformation are necessary steps for modern business. What is your company doing to keep pace with competitors? 

Whether you are contemplating a move to the cloud — or are in process — TUV Rheinland OpenSky can accelerate your cloud deployment. Need to accomplish an IT innovation project? Depend on our expert consultants to help you accomplish your project.  Our experts have deep industry experience with multiple cloud providers and their automation tools and services. Yes, you can build a hybrid computing environment that is secure in the cloud. However, you don’t want to be locked into one cloud. The benefit of working with us is that we’re cloud agnostic. We’ve been technology partners with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for several years.  

We provide strategic guidance to CIOs in enterprise cloud adoption architecture and design. We help CIOs and their teams make the right decisions to implement a successful cloud strategy. We help companies evaluate technology strategies, evaluate clouds, foster business and IT collaboration, implement IT transition programs after mergers and acquisitions, migrate applications from one provider to another without vendor lock-in, and optimize costs. 

TUV Rheinland OpenSky can take on any role you may need when it comes to your company’s transition: from expert adviser to “get it done” migration factory. Our key offering in Enterprise Cloud Adoption is Application Platform Rationalization and Disposition. We offer full life cycle service from business and technical planning through a complete, clean sweep.   

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Services


We’ve seen it all. From mythical cost savings promises to planning by roulette wheel. At TUV Rheinland OpenSky, we have developed a light and fast methodology and enterprise class planning tools.

We have also abandoned the old school caveat on transition of never re-architect and design during a major transition. With an average of three months extra time in planning, we have seen customers leave behind huge legacy issues. Those that take this time often get 2-3X the financial and technical benefit than those who transition technical debt.

Most likely your organization will need a custom solution in this arena paired with advice from knowledgeable experts. A standardized approach designed 1000 miles away by someone who has never met you and heard about your unique situation will not prove to be beneficial

However, custom doesn’t necessarily mean high cost. It just means we can tailor to your unique requirements to create business value from transition events.

Key offering areas are:

  1. Secure Cloud Strategy and Roadmapping
  2. Secure Cloud Cost Benefit Analysis and Business Performance Indicators
  3. Secure Cloud Maturity and Optimization Recommendations

Related Service

Enterprise Cloud Transformation Architecture and Design

We have all read about big hits as people deploy to the cloud “agile style” but simply forget to lock the door. 

At TUV Rheinland OpenSky, we have learned that people who did not lock the door did not know a lock should have been specified — or did not know a lock was available. 

Problems are usually caused by business pressure to release new digital enterprise functionality on a shiny new platform. Part of the team is on a steep learning curve, or there are no security-vetted reference architectures or design standards available. Pace of play is often a factor. 

Great cloud architects, designers, and application movers are in high demand and not always on hand when you need them.  Even more rare are cloud security architects and designers who can bridge the discussion among compliance, security, development and platform stakeholders. However, business can’t wait. TUV Rheinland OpenSky can be with you for part or all of your transition, whether it’s your development, production or DR environment. 

Depend on our services for Cloud Adoption Architecture and Design: 

  1. Secure Cloud Architecture, Design, and Deployment (seeCloud Securityfor more detail) 
  2. Application Platform Rationalization and Migrations (Pilot and Migration Factory)
  3. Cloud Disaster Recovery
  4. SDx (Software-defined components, such as SDWAN, SDDC, etc.) 

For more information, see Cloud Security.

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