Cloud Security

Whether you need secure cloud architectures or advanced SecOps analytics, TUV Rheinland OpenSky can help.


Organizations often struggle with the pace of change. Confluence among application development, security, and platform operations is important for functional security, but can prove to be a challenge. With the emergence of “Infrastructure as Code,” “Security as Code,” DevSecOps and so on, security in the cloud can be daunting. 

Missteps to the cloud can sometimes leave companies sitting on the sidelines while their competitors harvest the benefits. 

Companies are concerned about compliance and functional security, but often have limited internal expertise to design cloud security and manage it. TUV Rheinland OpenSky can coordinate security needs from compliance, platform, and application teams. This coordination helps organizations develop advanced methods quickly and securely. Our cloud security professionals can provide expert advice or work on a project basis. 

Cloud Security Services

SecOps Analytics

Our analytics experts and data science professionals offer a suite of SecOps Analytics services. Many firms know the difference between an operation outage or event, but sometimes cannot discern between a security event or an incident. That is where SecOps Analytics come into play.

SecOps Analytics is especially helpful during a sensitive incident when companies are unsure where to turn.

Work together with TUV Rheinland OpenSky in SecOps mode: using the same analytics platform, we can increase Speed to Certainty (StC), plus service restoration or security detection, containment and response.

Depend on our services in SecOps Analytics:

  1. Network device risk-based vulnerability management
  2. Analytics architecture and planning services
  3. Analytics operations services
  4. Analytics integration services

TUV Rheinland OpenSky will customize our approach according to the needs of your business and technology. Our cross-disciplinary approach builds bridges between competing stakeholders.

Secure DevOps – Configuration Management and Control

Our cloud experts and automation specialists believe that configuration automation is critical to ease operations, increase functional security, and decrease event response time. Customers tell us that they are often too busy with the issue of the day to focus on automation, even when they see the need for it. 

Secure DevOps from TUV Rheinland OpenSky can jump-start or accelerate your organization’s automation efforts between security and platform configuration management. Our services can also help you control configurations to prevent bad things from happening — and help you quickly change things in bulk while they are happening. 

Depend on our services in secure DevOps: 

  1. Secure DevOps Automation Assessment and planning
  2. Secure DevOps Automation Framework Development and Proof of Concept
  3. Secure DevOps Automation and Configuration Control Pilot and Knowledge Transfer
  4. Infrastructure automation maturity model Secure DevOps Language Standards and Design Guidelines 

For all of our services, TUV Rheinland OpenSky will customize our approach according to the needs of your business and technology. Our cross-disciplinary approach builds bridges between competing stakeholders.   

Cloud Security Architecture and Design

We have all read about big hits as people deploy to the cloud “agile style” but simply forget to lock the door. 

At TUV Rheinland OpenSky, we have learned that people who did not lock the door did not know a lock should have been specified — or did not know a lock was available. 

Problems are usually caused by business pressure to release new digital enterprise functionality on a shiny new platform. Part of the team is on a steep learning curve, or there are no security-vetted reference architectures or design standards available. Pace of play is often a factor. 

Great cloud architects, designers, and application movers are in high demand and not always on hand when you need them. Even more rare are cloud security architects and designers who can bridge the discussion among compliance, security, development and platform stakeholders. However, business can’t wait. TUV Rheinland OpenSky can be with you for part or all of your transition, whether it’s your development, production or DR environment. 

 Depend on us for Cloud Security Architecture and Design: 

  1. Secure Cloud Architecture, Design, andDeployment 
  2. Secure Cloud Planning, Architecture, and Design (AWS and Azure)
  3. Enterprise-Class Secure Cloud: Extending On-Premise Security Policy, Standards, Guidelines, and Controls to New Hybrid and Cloud Environments (AWS and Azure)
  4. Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud: Cloud Security Assessment, Recommendations & Action Planning
  5. TUV Rheinland Cloud Security ISO 27001 Certification 

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