Risk and Compliance Management

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Organizations must focus on security initiatives that address threats and protect business. At the same time, compliance and regulations continue to change. GRC solutions (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) that are efficient and automated are ideal to identify risks to systems and ensure compliance.  A mature risk management program that focuses on threats helps companies avoid loss events that affect safety, security and privacy. 

If you want systems that are ready to support digital transformation, talk to us about our services in IT Risk Maturity & Prioritization, GRC Configuration & Enablement, and global compliance assessments. These solutions are geared to support changing compliance requirements and threats, including threats to connected devices. Reporting based on stakeholder needs ensures powerful management support. Our emphasis on key risk and performance indicators gives you the continual assurance to monitor threats. If you are running RSA Archer, be sure to talk to us — we were selected by RSA as the number one RSA Archer Consulting firm for the second year in a row. Our solutions and consultants give you the tools to know with confidence that you have the right controls in place for IT architecture. 

Risk and Compliance Management

Advanced Risk Management

Our experts will help you with your risk prioritization using process frameworks such as ISO31000. We will help you develop and update your top-down risk registers to be business oriented and in line with leading practices, including the FAIR methodology. If you’re joining the movement to IT risk quantification, let us show you how to build sustainable processes that lay the foundation for that program. From cyber-risk workshops to full enterprise risk assessments, our line of services will fit your phase of maturity. For systems that have a higher threat profile, we specialize in system assessments that include threat modeling, an advanced form of analysis that identifies attack vectors in your design. 

For RSA Archer customers: We support the full complement of risk solutions, including the Cyber Risk Quantification offering. Our specialization in metric-driven approaches using key risk and performance indicators will tie empirical data into your risk models. It’s not enough to periodically audit. You can have the right level of insight using GRC for continual assurance. Let our experts help you tie your dashboards for IT Risk straight into your enterprise operational risk management program

Compliance Assessments

Your regulatory compliance needs change with every new requirement. Even more, your business shifts into new products and new market places that come with increased regulatory requirements. Understanding control frameworks and control harmonization helps you to measure once and comply to all of your global regulations. Our deep experience in system compliance assessments includes popular global frameworks such as ISO27000, COBIT, NIST 800-53, NIST Cyber-Security Framework and others. 

For RSA Archer customers: We have years of experience and numerous successes in compliance enablement and scalability through RSA Archer’s compliance and audit solutions. Ask us for a demo to get started! 

Connected Device Security Assessments

With the explosion of IoT products, the stakes are high when it comes to physical device testing. We offer IoT Security Risk Assessments, comprehensive Threat Modeling and IoT specific control analysis for your product development. Our specialists will work with you to establish your inherent product risks and provide pragmatic testing and basic IT hygiene for lower risk devices. 

For higher risk devices, including Medical devices, we feature specific Medical Device Assessments suitable for FDA 510(k) approvals that use security frameworks that align with the product’s intended use. We will work with you on the control frameworks that make sense for your product, your market and your organization. 

Our testing labs are also accredited for the Diabetes Technology Society DTSec Certification. 

Let our consultants share their expertise about the broad scale of physical device risks — and what to do about them. 

RSA Archer Core Services

Did you know that we have delivered more than 700 RSA Archer projects to over 150 companies globally?

Clients depend on TUV Rheinland OpenSky for our extensive talent pool of accredited RSA Archer consultants. In fact, we represent more accredited RSA Archer consultants than any other services company in the world.

RSA Archer is the premier GRC platform with a comprehensive data model for managing risk and compliance. Your organization can thrive around a transformed state of IT Governance to match your business needs, including speed to market.

We have experts who cover core needs for your GRC roadmap, including RSA Archer Professional Services, Residency Services and on-demand Support Services. In addition, we offer Facilitated Upgrade Services and can aid in deployment of your most advanced workflows.

Let us help you design, implement and operate your RSA Archer environment. We can start with a platform health check and ensure capacity readiness for your next major undertaking.

Be it out-of-box solution deployments or custom solutions via On-Demand Applications – we will help you formalize your requirements and drive highly successful deployments. Our specialists use an Accelerated Use Case Deployment approach to return on your platform investments – fast!

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