Governance and Strategy

Navigate the right governance and strategy models for your organization


Strategies must be dynamic enough to embrace change, yet policies must be enforced by CISOs and their teams. Digital transformation of the enterprise involves new technologies that require protection. In addition to legacy systems, organizations are exploring hybrid infrastructures that test capabilities for market expansion. A sound strategy based on the support of functional requirements such as business-to-business collaboration and transactions must be sought.  

Determining the right strategy through target state development, roadmap rationalization and transition can help your team work in unison and rapidly accomplish goals. But strategy alone is not enough. Governance models are needed to keep the strategy on track. A mature security architecture embeds security, privacy and availability controls into dynamic enterprises. Talk to our team to find out how we can support you with Governance and Strategy Services. 


Governance & Strategy Services

CISO Advisory Services

These days, the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is under pressure. CISOs must share security situations with the board and provide governance for business and infrastructure projects.

Would you like simple dashboards to share with your stakeholders?  Our services include effective board reporting and dashboards that are easy to understand and share with stakeholders. Our experienced Security Architects can help with your digital transformation projects. For strategy and planning, we also provide blueprinting and roadmaps. To deliver on your roadmap, our program management specialists can help you oversee and build security into complex projects. Even with the best laid plans, new security challenges arise from threat and agile business development. Let us help you with our CISO Advisory Services and you’ll have a team of experts on your side to help you tackle any challenge.   

GRC Strategy

Implementing GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) technologies is a major investment- but the need to have governance is critical. In many cases the approach involves pulling together detailed data from different solutions. A common information layer for GRC is necessary. Having your information regarding policies, risks, assets, vulnerabilities and threats in silos creates blind spots in management decision making. 

Ask our seasoned GRC experts to help you define your GRC Strategy. We provide blueprinting and roadmap services specific to your goals and enterprise architecture. The result will be an effective management decision support system for all stakeholders of your GRC Program. 

Security Architecture

Whether you are working on security projects or consulting on security in your business projects, you need Security Architects who are well versed in modern agile methodologies. Our experts can engage at any phase of your solutions development process and provide valuable input to build security and privacy into your digital assets. 

We have years of experience working in complex environments in every area of security control frameworks. Our experts even help organizations look for safety risk, when needed. If sustainability of security governance is a challenge, let us help you by formalizing your security architecture charter to enable digital transformation. 

Third-Party Governance

Every organization is part of a complex business ecosystem. Understanding where risks lie in the supply chain is key — and we’ve got the experience to support you. We can help you design and build your third-party Risk Management Program. Our extensive knowledge gained through assessments in a variety of sectors fuels our approach — and now we can help with yours. GRC is a part of the equation. Rely on our knowledgeable GRC consultants to help you design a solution that works for your specialized needs. 

For RSA Archer customers: We specialize in configuring solutions for third-party risk management. We can design and build your solution. We can aid in your assessments, plus tie in data from your authoritative sources of information. Rely on our RSA Archer experts to help you design and build a risk assessment solution that effectively monitors the unique risks to your business. 

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