Business Continuity Management

Implement a business continuity management program to fulfill compliance requirements, prevent downtime and protect your brand


Organizations need a smart approach to establish a Business Continuity Management (BCM) program that is simple, appropriately scaled, and uses automation as part of the implementation. We help your team focus on the business supply chain surrounding your business ecosystem. Our key benefits start with identifying threats to your business, preventing unacceptable downtime of business-critical processes, and addressing cost. Our holistic approach will protect your brand image and reputation. And if you need to recover from a disaster, we will have services already in place for you.   

TUV Rheinland OpenSky integrates BCM to conform to the ISO22301 standard and leading practice guidelines. We ensure BCM is embedded in the existing corporate culture and the risk program of the organization. We ensure that your BCM program is focused on maintaining the availability of business operations and interlocked with other management and compliance frameworks (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and more). 

Consulting and Project Management Services

Business Continuity Management Services

There are a variety of risks to availability of your complex business ecosystem. We assess Business Continuity Programs (BCM) and perform a gap analysis to assess the maturity of your program. Our team will identify any gaps in your company’s ability to protect against threats to availability, be they acts of nature or ransomware attacks. Our team will move your program forward quickly and efficiently. 

Our program-level services start with BCM policy development and program design. From there – leveraging our risk-oriented approach – we perform precise business and application impact analyses. Additionally, we will help you create, test and validate your continuity plans and procedures. Our BCM coaches are experienced in global frameworks and are ready to help you with important standards, such as ISO 22301 and BSI 100-4. 


Disaster Recovery Services

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) Services help you assess, select and deploy the right recovery strategies. Based on the output of your business impact analysis and risk prioritization assessments, our Disaster Recovery Services ensure alignment with your resiliency requirements.   

Our specialists are experienced in ISO 27031 and can build and test your DR Plans, as well as provide training to your teams. 

You can also use our Secure Cloud DR Service to improve recovery capabilities and take advantage of inherent security capabilities, while also cutting costs and improving agility. For mid-sized firms who do not fully protect applications and services, Cloud DR opens new potential. 

RSA Archer Automation

RSA Archer has a wealth of support for your BCM program: Policy Definitions, Control Standards, Control Procedures and findings. BCM is a critical part of overall resilience to organizations that rely on emerging technology. Our experts will educate, inform, plan and build alongside your team. Your consumers depend on your services – high availability starts here! 

BCM Solutions

Finding the right fit solution for your organization’s BCM technology needs requires special attention. Our experience in different sizes, sectors and architectures gives us the insight to support you in your BCM tooling selection. An ideal solution is easily accessible and easy to follow in the midst of a crisis. We can lead you through the selection and deployment process.  We’ll make sure your recovery plans are available and ready to serve you in times of crisis! 

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