Advanced Cyber Defenses

Defense-in-depth fails in a world of persistent threat. Focus must shift from prevention to detection and response.

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Knowledge Empowers Actions to Protect your Digital Assets

Our services in the field of advanced cyber defenses help you protect your organization effectively from cyberattacks and unauthorized access to your data. You also benefit from our experts’ broad knowledge and expertise: whether you need network securityIoT securityidentity and access management, penetration tests, OT security or other IT security services, we provide advice and find the ideal solution for your company. 

Advanced Cyber Defenses

  • Application Security

    Secure your application and your application environment.

  • IoT Security

    Devices demand the best services for risk prioritization, conformance, analytics and testing.

  • Data Protection

    Grows and maintain capabilities in data identification, ownership, governance, protected sharing, protection in transit and at rest, retention, integrity and recovery.

  • Network Security

    Support customers to protect organizations from next generation cyber attacks.

  • Endpoint Security

    Protect organizations from next generation cyber attacks - focused on endpoint protection and enterprise mobility management systems.

  • OT Security

    How to build industrial systems that are both safe and secure and can adapt to the demands of industry 4.0.

  • Identity and Access Management

    Establish a secure authentication and authorization with profiling and scoring of identities in user centric models.

  • Security Analytics and Detection

    Enable organizations to create and realize the benefits of risk-based threat detection in their security operations.

  • Incident Response

    Ability to react on important Threats in time.

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