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  • Attack with the Power and Agility of the Cloud

    Digital transformation has been driving organizations to the Cloud. Seth Art will share how to use the power and agility of the Cloud to enhance your  Cyber Security Testing.

    Cyber Security Testing in the Cloud delivers advantages too costly to achieve using traditional methods. Seth will discuss how you can:

    • Quickly stand-up and tear-down attack specific infrastructure
    • Switch out IP addresses frequently, or switch whole attack infrastructures, to avoid attribution
    • Crack passwords in seconds for immediate use
    • Reduce costs, and much more!
  • A Threat-Based Approach to Prioritize your Cyber Risk

    In this webinar, OpenSky CISO, Mark Coderre, shares his experiences in taking a threat-based approach to cyber risk prioritization, which focuses investment decisions on the things that matter, and sets up the rest of your cyber security program for success!

    He will go on to discuss why cyber business risk can no longer be managed in spreadsheets, and share an approach to get you from where you are today, to making effective use of GRC automation.

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