California Privacy Law: Hey, where's my data?

An old American saying is “as goes California, so goes the nation.” See what new legislation could mean for your business and how your company handles personally identifiable information.

If you are collecting personal information from people in California, this law may affect your data collection process. Find out what is addressed in the California Consumer Privacy Act. Be ready when people turn to your company and ask, “Hey, where’s my data?”

Watch this webinar and learn
• How losing customer data can also get you in trouble
• How to build your own Digital Toolkit
• The Big Basics of Privacy
• Steps to “future proof” your network exchange
• What is status of enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe

This webinar is geared for security, compliance, risk and privacy professionals in industries who collect personal data in the course of business. Find out how privacy law may affect your business in the future. Make sure that when your constituents asks, “Hey, where’s my data?” you will have an answer that is compliant with regulations and reaffirms trust with your community.

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