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  • Practical Approaches to IT Risk Management Maturity: Gaining Financial Perspective on Your Security Portfolio

    Get a grip on IT Risk Management maturity. Today organizations are facing more risks than they know how to cover. As new technology is leveraged within organizations, new risk factors are also introduced. To try to combat these risks, top-down risk management with the ability to determine key controls, security architecture and appropriate spend distribution are required.

    Join RSA and TUV Rheinland OpenSky in an on-demand webinar that will give you a new perspective on practical approaches to advanced risk management including cyber-risk quantification and FAIR analysis.

  • Approaches to Privacy and Security for IoT Devices in a GDPR World

    US companies selling products or services to the EU must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as of May 25, 2018. IoT device manufacturers face unique challenges to comply with the privacy and security components of the GDPR.

    Read Q and A with GDPR Expert here

    This webinar presents key concepts and real-world examples of approaches IoT device manufacturers should consider when preparing to sell to the EU, including:

    • Summary of GDPR requirements and who needs to comply
    • Consent in an IoT environment and identifying what data can be legally processed
    • Incorporating security and privacy concepts during design and development
    • Moving, copying and providing data to data subjects, and erasing data upon request
  • Industrial Security: Understanding Industrial Network Cybersecurity Risks

    The number of cybersecurity related incidents across operational technology and industrial control networks has risen in every region in recent years, and there have been well publicized reports of production lines being halted and intellectual property being stolen as a result. As experts in industrial cybersecurity and safety we are uniquely positioned to help you address these issues across your business and ensure that you continue to operate a safe and secure operation.

    Watch to learn more about:

    • Measuring your operational technology and industrial security risk
    • Applying the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and IEC 62443 in your business
    • Building a safe and cyber-resilient production facility
    • Regulations and compliance requirements that apply to your business
    • Protecting intellectual property and your supply chain data
  • Threat Detection: Reducing the Time to Detect and Contain Cyber Incidents

    Modern threat detection is most successful when it is aligned to the organization’s risk management program.  TUV Rheinland OpenSky will present a process for developing security analytics and monitoring from prioritized risk statements, with an emphasis on leveraging machine learning, behavior anomaly detection, and threat intelligence. This approach enables focused monitoring, investigation, and response where it matters most to the business.

    Watch to Learn more about:

    • Identifying threat activities related to the company’s top
    • Developing security analytics for enhanced threat detection
    • Using behavior anomalies to discover suspicious and malicious activities
    • Informing the risk management program with key metrics, such as threat event frequency
  • Cyber Security Trends 2017

    How can organizations protect themselves against attacks and avoid data breaches.

    What will be the fundamental issues of cyber security in 2017? Topics covered include data protection, cloud security, and information security. We are in the midst of an era of significant data breaches. The result: More than ever, top management will play a key role. Frank Luzsicza, EVP, Information and Communication Technology at TÜV Rheinland, is convinced that “the amount and availability of sensitive information about people and connected systems will inevitably lead to increased pressure to update legacy cyber security risk strategies to the new attack surface”.

    This video highlights the:

    • Preferred targets of a hacker attack
    • Risks deriving from the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet (Internet 4.0)
    • Increasing relevance of Managed Security Services
    • Future of eGRC und IT-GRC
    • Areas of IAM und Cloud Security and their importance for business.
  • GRC Webinar – Quick Ins for Big Wins

    Digital business is vulnerable to cyber-attack, and large organizations typically have thousands of vulnerabilities.
    So with 60% of security budgets unable to keep up with rising threat levels, Risk Practitioners agree it’s critical to make investments based on real and quantifiable risk.

    This webinar discusses: Risk prioritization and GRC implementation strategies; a threat-based approach to risk management; how to prioritize your program to maximize efficiency and functionality; how to identify quick ‘power plays’ to launch a resilient GRC program; and gain valuable insight into key controls, and the roles of cyber governance and GRC.

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