Our top industry experts weigh in on topics that could affect you and your organization

  • The Evolution of Cyber Risk Quantification

    There will always be more challenges in the Security landscape than resources to address those challenges. This situation means that the ability to reliably prioritize challenges and their solutions is crucial to success. Unfortunately, current common practices limit an organization’s ability to prioritize Security challenges and their solutions.

  • Safety, Security & Privacy in the Interconnected World of IT, OT & IIoT

    Industrial systems are faced with convergence issues daily. If you manage operational technology (OT) systems, watch this webinar on demand and improve your ability to manage converged systems.

    This video explains survey results from the Ponemon Institute, a “think tank” dedicated to advancing privacy, data protection and information security practices. Hear Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Anish Srivastava, President and CEO of TUV Rheinland OpenSky explain the findings of this research report.

  • Can you say Cloud DR?

    Find out how to know if Cloud DR is worth the effort. Cloud is everyone’s new disaster recovery facility. However, using the cloud to protect legacy production environments is different from disaster recovery methods that have worked in the past. Why is this?

    Cloud native or not, most legacy systems can now be hosted somewhere in the public cloud. The technology is sound, but the economics have changed. Not many have the stomach to ask for another big capital expenditure to get their DR capacity where it needs to be. Most people find other investments more important; and thus, DR capability falls behind.

  • California Privacy Law: Hey, where’s my data?

    An old American saying is “as goes California, so goes the nation.” See what new legislation could mean for your business and how your company handles personally identifiable information.

    If you are collecting personal information from people in California, this law may affect your data collection process.  Find out what is addressed in the California Consumer Privacy Act. Be ready when people turn to your company and ask, “Hey, where’s my data?”

  • Smart Home Innovation

    Smart homes are on the rise. In this video, gain an overview of smart home innovation. Hear about the benefits to consumers. And learn what manufacturers should consider for cybersecurity of their smart home products.

  • The Evolution of Cybersecurity Risk Management

    Today there is little differentiation between cyber risk and business risk. Find out how to take a top-down approach to risk management, with the ability to determine key controls, security architecture and appropriate spend distribution. Learn how cyber risk quantification can help to justify the cost and rationalize the spend of risk programs.

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