Market trends from leading security analysts and consultants at TUV Rheinland OpenSky

  • Pen Testing Case Study for Financial Services

    How our Team maneuvered past defenses to infiltrate a client’s internal network.

  • Knowledge from the field: Steps to secure IoT products

    It’s incredible but true: sometimes manufacturers haven’t run security testing of their products until these products are ready for the go-live stage. This oversight can lead to costly delays. How do you get the best results when testing an IoT device? In this infographic, we provide a guide for priority items to optimize and the steps to take when testing and securing an IoT device.

  • Managing the Triage of Safety, Security & Privacy

    The industrial industry is facing the challenge to manage the convergence of cybersecurity, functional safety, and data privacy protection for industrial systems. In this infographic, based on the 2019 Ponemon Institute study sponsored by TUV Rheinland OpenSky, we reveal the top priorities for cybersecurity, safety and data privacy. We also look at factors and technologies affecting convergence.

  • Operational Technology. Protected.

    Attacks on ICS and OT systems are increasing in frequency and sophistication. There is an exponential increase in industrial control system and OT security vulnerabilities. In this infographic, see which industries are most affected. Learn about the trends of global cyber threats and see who needs Industrial Security the most.

    Find out the 6 steps that you can take to improve cybersecurity within your industrial and OT ecosystem.

  • Realizing the Full Potential of Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft office 365 is one of the top productivity platforms enterprises use today. Not only can it open the door for more effective collaboration across a company, but it can also provide opportunities for organizations to dramatically reduce the footprint and support costs of on-premise user-productivity platforms.

    There are many factors driving Microsoft Office 365’s leading position in the marketplace, yet there are numerous obstacles corporations face with integration that often lead to limited adoption

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